#doodlemonth was a focused effort for the month of December, 2016 to continue playing with the Wacom, getting used to its flow and creating little illustrations for no real purpose each day. 

Mostly it allowed for drawing practice  as whimsical illustration, free of any project requirements.
Day 01, Snowmonster!
Day 2, Ghost and Waldo sitting down for a meal.
Day 5. Imagining the potential of the local sculpture park with fun community activities and a bicycle pump track !
Day 6, During the night, transformers were obviously playing in the leaf piles in the middle of the night based on what we heard outside. In the morning all of the leaf piles were gone!
Day 7. The ride home on an oily, dark night with sleet and chilly wet air. You could complain about the conditions or you can welcome it as part of life, it's weird when you decide to be accepting how you can find unique enjoyment in unexpected things.
Day 8. Pond hockey is one of the best things about winter in the North Eastern United States.
Day 9. Working out of the Canastota Public Library for the day.
Day 11. Holiday season 2016.
Day 12. Some times you can feel like a mad scientist when the short days give way to night and you are completely enveloped in the glow of an intense project.
Day 13. Testing out the concept of a thought cloud. Partially formed figure riding a bicycle.
Day 14. Self portrait doodle expressing passive befuddlement as I experiment with new technology live sketching on instagram.
Day 14. The doodle vid from the instagram live experiments.
Day 15. Just a shovel in a snow bank. Such is winter in Syracuse some days..
Day 16. The Sweet Praxis, downtown Syracuse, Delicious. Typical Cobra parking spot, elevated on the snow bank.
Day 17. Blarneystone Burger cures all.
Day 18. Dementors and holiday spirits battling for the atmospher at the local mall.
Day 19. A nice little building. Perhaps the quintessential imaginary three story building of Syracuse.
Day 20. Santa taking it to the hoop. We were getting all excited to go to our first Nicks game at MSG. I know very little about basketball, but seeing a game at the Garden was definitely a great experience.
Day 21. The civic got a brand new engine.
Day 22. This is the set up. Old tiny 13" Mac book pro and a 13" Wacom cintique. Too many cords, not enough ram. But it gets the job done.
Day 27. Ghost in a box. Waldo assessing the situation.
Day 28. Spin class! Lunchtime Cadence at the downtown Y is fun.
Day 29. Some illustrations for icons to help people know where their compost and recycling goes.
Day 30. The Library Event. This is a new-ish event that I helped start at the Local Syracuse area Upstate NY AIGA. You go to the library, hangout and work on projects. Like minded people designers, pros, students and whoever can hangout. Bounce ideas off each other, collaborate. Whatev's
Day 31. New Years Eve is always my brothers birthday. We went for a bicycle ride in the snow at one of the local mountain biking spots. It was fun.
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