This was a fun project, highlighting the shops and markets nestled in the rolling hills of the beautifully scenic Tioga County; culminating with this Antiques Trail map. The brochure was styled to be displayed at various tourist information locations and among rack cards as a vertical tri fold.

Upon an explorer picking up the card, it could then fold in half keeping the overview of the entire county map on the front. The additional folded compact size keeps the main roads and towns easily visible while becoming even more manageable for use while traveling.
Inside is the close up of Owego, the commercial center of the Antiques Trail, which highlights regional landmarks, points of interest and the antiques shops along with their description. Again, with simple folding, you could walk about town with the 2 map panels visible, and the pertaining text would be on the back side; showing plenty of information, without being to large and unweildly. 
Shown here are quick cellphone photographs of the in-house mock up, please pardon the low quality images of the sample.
Tioga County of New York State, Large visisble header establishing a crisp letterpress look to communicate the feel of the trail from across the room, among the shiny modern rack cards, or wherever its audience may find it.
Front of the tri-fold, featuring the large attention grabbing header as well as a simple overview map of the County, pointing out fueling locations and points of interest.
I can't help it; I love old school user prompts that used to be so prominent in design.. #antiqueUX .. When folded in half the simple County overview map  is visible on the front, keeping it a manageable size for use while traveling.
Front of the tri-fold, simple overview map of the County, pointing out fueling locations and points of interest. Intented to be easily handled while traveling. 
Illustration detail: Roads, Shops, Parks, Points of Interest, Public Parking Lots, Physical Landmarks for Navigation, Compass Rose
Illustration detail: Roads, Parks, Points of Interest, River, Physical Landmarks for Navigation, Coxed Octuple Scull (8x Boat)
Inner foldout: Map with corresponding Antique Shop details.
Inside, folded for walking about the Village of Owego.
Back: A little History of the area, contact info and ways to learn even more!
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